Авиакомпания Полет


Aircraft fleet

Basic principles

Airline's strategy of fleet development is based on principles common for aviation all over the world:

  • providing the flight safety,
  • continuous improvement of technical facilities,
  • increasing the level of passengers comfort

These principles are supported by certificates for corresponding types of aerial works.

We have all the certificates necessary for maintenance of aircrafts of our fleet. Our aircrafts meet the international standards of flight safety, noise level and pollution.

Our fleet

Currently our passenger aircraft fleet includes SAAB-2000, SAAB 340b and AN-148-100E.

We have a program of fleet development with a focus on lease of Russian aircraft AN-148 under agreement.


Aircraft type: medium-haul passenger aircraft
Range: 4.400 km
Seating: 68/75 passengers
Max. payload: 9000 kg
Cruising speed: 780-870 km/h
Max. altitude: 11 600 - 12 200 meter
Engines: Д-436-148
Engine type: turbojet

Seat map / cabin


Aircraft type: medium-haul passenger aircraft
Range: 2300 km
Seating: 50 passengers
Max. payload: 5200 kg
Cruising speed: 650 km/h
Max. altitude: 9100 meter
Engines: Rolls-Royce AE2100A
Engine type: turboprop

Seat map / cabin


Aircraft type: short-haul passenger aircraft
Range: 1.400 km
Seating: 34 passengers
Max. payload: 3880 kg
Cruising speed: 460 km/h
Max. altitude: 7600 meter
Engines: GE CT7-9B
Engine type: turboprop

Seat map / cabin